Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

New Customers and Referrals.

 We require a referral from a current customer for all new clients who would like delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes for some people anting to try our service but do not have access to a referral. In the future, as the delivery side of the business scales, and we can handle the larger volumes of new clients we will disable this requirement.


We also retain the right to decline any and all new clients for any reason. Even with a referral. There may be situations, where we cannot handle an increase in volume at that given time. We do apologize.



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Updates to Delivery Fee and Hours.

 We have implemented a $5 delivery fee to orders under $120. This is to account for the rising fuel costs and the competitive pricing structure of our products.

 We are currently closed Mondays as well as Sundays for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we require this additional day for production until we hire additional staff. Thank you for the understanding!

Questions about the free pre-roll that is sometimes added to the order: 

The small 1 1/4 pre-rolls will be discontinued until we can find a different producer. We have lost the person who helped produced them, and they are too labor intensive to produce for the remainder of the team. We apologize to the people who enjoyed this product.  We will sell the remaining stock until they are gone.



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 Delivery of orders are completed within 2 hours of ordering(to the best of our ability), within our delivery hours of 1pm-8pm. For instance an order placed at 10am, will be delivered by 3pm that day in almost all cases. Delivery confirmation texts will be sent, to confirm delivery time when payment is received, and the order is ready for delivery. Often these notifications will not occur until the 1pm delivery window begins.

Delivery windows may be requested in the comments section of the order, if there is a time that works best for you. Contactless delivery instructions may also be added in this area of the order.

Delivery is only available in the greater Charlottetown area and its surrounding suburbs(Cornwall/Stratford/ETC.).

Rural orders are automatically deferred as shipping orders. If a rural customer prefers to meet within the Charlottetown area for pickup, please make your shipping address the desired meeting location or add a desired meeting location in the city to the order note, and a meeting time can be arranged.

Delivery is Free. But requires a minimum purchase of $50.

We are Closed on Sundays for Delivery.



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 Our product pricing is based on market price. This means prices can change for current listings, when new stock of a item is introduced. Different batches of the same strain can have  dramatically different pricing occasionally.

When an item is removed from the site, it means that item is sold out. It may return at a later time, but is currently un-available.

There may be situations where there are two available options with different price points, for the same strain. This is either the same strain from two entirely different growers. Or two different grades of the same crop. The price will reflect the quality difference in these situations.



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Online Store hours are 24 hours.

Local Delivery hours are guaranteed from 1pm-8pm Monday to Saturday. We are closed for delivery on Sundays.

Delivery Windows may happen in addition to these hours but are not guaranteed. If you order outside the 1pm-8pm delivery window, you may not receive a confirmation text until 1pm.

A text message will be sent after receiving payment confirmation, and a delivery window will be notified to customer.

Snow closures will occur when the municipal plows are pulled from the roads. When this occurs many locations become unreachable to car traffic and dangerous to our drivers. City of Charlottetown social media, and local radio are good sources for this information.

 Customer support 11am-9pm EST, 7 days a week via email.


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 Contactless Delivery is available for local Orders. It is the preferred option for all delivery’s, for the safety of our drivers and customers

Please Specify in order instructions where the package is to be left, and if an email or other alert is desired, once delivery is complete. For example ringing the doorbell, email notification, or no alert required.

QuickTurtle’s is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, with contactless delivery options.

All delivery’s are hand delivered by default, unless otherwise specified.


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 Must be 19 years of age or older to register and order from the site (proof of age required upon registration).

When registering, a picture of a government issued identification is required, unclear or obstructed pictures will not be accepted.
QT has the right to deny service to any registrant.

All sales are final. All other issues are addressed in the ‘Refund Policy’ section of the FAQ.

Purchases are made at the risk of the customer, QT is not liable for the product. With that said QT will mitigate all claims and seek to achieve common satisfaction with the customer and the company.

Please address all inquiries to the company’s email (admin@quickturtles.net).

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All of QT’s products should be used responsibly.

QT recommends their products to not be used in conjunction while operating a motor vehicle, heavy machinery, or in any and all potentially safety compromising situations.

All of QT’s products are meant to address medical conditions or for recreation.
QT is not responsible for the personal actions of any customers.

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All Orders before 2pm are processed same day. All orders are Shipped using Canada post express post. Turn around is 1-3 business days after package is received by Canada post.

Quick Turtles guarantees packages up until package reaches delivered status, and tracking numbers are sent after item is processed.

We ship only Domestically in Canada, no international orders.


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All orders over $150 (Net total after sales discounts and coupons will be shipped at no extra charge). *If you prefer to have ‘Signature Required’ please note in the comments section of the order and QT will upgrade the delivery to that requirement.

All orders under $150 (Net total after sales discounts and coupons will be charged $15 flat fee).
All orders over $300 will be shipped with ‘Signature Required’ upon receipt.

*If you prefer to not have ‘Signature Required’, please note in the comments section of the order and QT will remove that option.

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Our shatter is of the highest grade and is some of the most stable in the industry. Although it maintains its physical integrity through average room temperature, like any concentrate product, it can destabilize and soften at high and extreme heat.

Quick Turtles accepts no responsibility for damage while in transit or in possession of the customer. Please take this into consideration when ordering, the purchase of our concentrate products is at your own risk.

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There is no limit to orders. For larger bulk orders, please feel free to enquire VIA email. For quantity’s larger than listed amounts.



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 Faulty products (ie mold, bud rot, etc.) will be reimbursed via store credit ONLY.

All issues with QT’s product are required to be communicated promptly (72 hours upon receipt with QT via company email: admin@quickturtles.net).

*For issues with products, please provide adequate evidence (ie. Clear photos/video of issues) so that QT can evaluate the deficiencies. Falsified claims(ie. non original or doctored photo evidence) will be dismissed and lead to termination of the account.


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 Accepted Methods of payment, are EMT only for Mail order.

Make the payment transfer recipient out to “DESIGN WORK”

Order Number should be the secret Question.

GST is included in all pricing.



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