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Product and site Updates 

This summer we see some changes to our product line ups and suppliers. Keeping customers updated on the changes in some products is vital to helping people make the best choice for their medicinal needs.   Firstly, we have changed suppliers for our Phoenix tears and...

The Grading of Cannabis

The Grading of Cannabis    The cannabis industry has a problem. Or perhaps it is the consumer who has the issue. That problem is the unregulated nature and lack of consensus in the grading language of marijuana for retail markets. This makes it almost impossible for a...

Cannabis Pricing Nation Wide

With so many company's trying to enter the Cannabis market, in the so called "Canadian Green Rush" the legal cannabis industry is becoming flooded with Licensed producers and gigantic cooperate cannabis grows. As anyone who has purchased some of these company's...

The Role of Cannabis in Modern Life

The acceptance and intrigue of cannabis and its related products is at an all time high, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype. With social reforms loosening, social acceptance at an all time high and complete legalization in Canada and soon the United States...

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