This summer we see some changes to our product line ups and suppliers. Keeping customers updated on the changes in some products is vital to helping people make the best choice for their medicinal needs. 

 Firstly, we have changed suppliers for our Phoenix tears and our distillate. Our pricing will remain the same but the quality of our phoenix tears, and distillate has improved. There may be a few weeks until the new phoenix tears replace our old stock, but our new distillate is already listed as “full spectrum 95% THC”. These products from Kootenay labs are all lab grade and comes with mass spectrometer details about the contents. I believe these products to be superior and since they are used in the vape pens/cartridges and some candies, the quality of those products will also improve as well.  

The new Phoenix Tears will also be used in our 50mg capsules. The capsules will also be using MCT oil instead of pure coconut oil as a carrier moving forward. MCT oil stands for medium chain triglycerides, made from coconut oil. It’s a very healthy fat, and is liquid and shelf stable at room temperature.  MCT is also very quickly absorbed by the body making the absorption of the THC faster as well. So, in a few weeks we will see this new batch of THC capsules as well. 

We have also seen an interest in budget cannabis on the site. Popcorn and b-gradings of the same products we carry are in demand so going forward we will be carrying more of these products. The b-grade label can mean many things, the size of the buds is graded smaller, the potency of the batch wasn’t up to the standards of the top shelf runs, or some of the lower branches that receive a little less light. The flavor and potency should be very close to the original strain in many cases but at a discount for appearance, flavor and size.  

Popcorn buds are also going to be sometimes available; this will be a strictly size related classification, the same batch of the strains listed at higher gradings, but just the smallest of the buds that are graded via size. Most of the times popcorn is classified as anything smaller than a dime in circumference. But it can be strain dependent, as some strains tend towards high potency but smaller buds. 

We are also consolidating down to fewer suppliers for our shatter. Going forward we will see fewer selections of brands, but a larger variety of strains. Look forward to a new supplier in the near future and we will continue with our great relationship with MQC.