The acceptance and intrigue of cannabis and its related products is at an all time high, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype. With social reforms loosening, social acceptance at an all time high and complete legalization in Canada and soon the United States with its federal government finally looking at legalization. It can be easy to get lost in the sea of information and products assailing consumers today.

As with most things, dosage will determine the effect. Starting out slow and measured is a very important part of the cannabis journey, and concentrates and high THC strains or edibles are to be avoided for the newcomer. These products can be uncomfortable for the uninitiated and a low THC strain or edible in the single digits dosage can still pack a relaxing punch.

The push for stronger and stronger cannabis products is an arms race, but there is still room for quality products for medicinal and recreational purposes that are not designed for maximum potency only. But for relaxation and medicinal effects.

Another point of confusion for many is the role of CBD in cannabis and what it offers. It is a potent antagonist of the cannabinoid receptors and can cause a “tempering” effect to THC and the associated anxiety. Many high potency strains today do not contain any CBD, which causes a more pronounced psychoactive high which can be desirable. But for others, even a small amount of CBD present in a strain can make it much less volatile of an experience. CBD also has a place medically and clinical studies on positive effects for treating epilepsy, insomnia and anxiety have been catalogued in major medical journals. Making a decision about what CBD percentage works for you personally can make, or break your relationship with Cannabis.