With so many company’s trying to enter the Cannabis market, in the so called “Canadian Green Rush” the legal cannabis industry is becoming flooded with Licensed producers and gigantic cooperate cannabis grows. As anyone who has purchased some of these company’s products knows, the quality is suspect at best. They are however producing Cannabis on a industrial scale and its forcing smaller producers to lower their prices to compete, even if that means selling their product at a loss. Many even resorting to selling bulk quantity’s into the grey market and rock bottom prices out the back door, before they are forced to destroy the product after government regulations on storage times loom.

This trend is also rippling through the Grey market Cannabis industry, and we are seeing a drastic price drop in all sectors and producers across the country. If we look to the south to legal states like Colorado and Oregon, we will see these trends occur as well. With the end result being the bulk inferior grower’s collapsing, while high end craft cannabis is still in high demand, commanding high prices. I believe we are seeing this trend occur now in Canada, where many of these new businesses are undercutting their own production costs to gain liquidity, hoping for market stabilization. But  in the end many of these business will be forced out of business if they are unable to make a profit in this highly competitive landscape.

This year in particular we have seen another price correction across the board. This price correction will be reflected on our website, as well as many other websites I anticipate, as it occurs. Which is great for consumers and retailors alike, but in the end hurts the farmers and producer’s of high end cannabis. They are forced into competing price wise with inferior products coming from factory producers. So this correction may swing in the opposite direction as well, once some of these producers are forced to close. Not all Cannabis is created equal, but its hard to differentiate yourself in a industry without advertising for producers.

But in the meantime, we the consumers reap the benefits of high quality craft cannabis, at a great price. The prices on our site are updated in real time as batches of product are listed. So strains may change pricing day to day to reflect real time pricing.