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Craft made small batch. Individually packaged Kootenay Labs Shatter

Strains listed in Description. Put in your order comments desired strains. Strains will be updated based on availability. If no strains are selected, random non repeating strains will be included in your order.

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List of strains to choose from, please request strains in order comments that are desired.

Indica Or Indica Dominant Hybrid:  Glitter Apples, Sherbet, Alien Abduction, Zookies, Northern Lights.

Sativa or Sativa Dominant Hybrid:   Black Widow,  Purple Rose, Juicy Fruit, Sour Diesel, Juicy Wreck.

Pure Hybrid:  Candy Store

Please check our FAQ regarding Shatter shipping. All our shatter is of the utmost quality from some of the best labs domestically. But due to the high variation in Canadian seasonal temperatures, softening and nucleation may occur. The stability cannot be guaranteed outside stable storage conditions. The shatter will remain safe and effective, but its physical state may degrade during shipping.

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One, Three, Seven


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