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Very high levels of THC combined with a nose of strawberry jam, and sour cherries.


Based in Oregon, the team at Kingdom Organic Seeds has developed a fan favorite that’s sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur. Dark Matter is an evenly balanced hybrid that was created by crossing Cherry Thunder Fuck and Rusty Haze. Between her great flavour and rumored high yields when grown at home, this plant is sure to please.

Dark Matter is very consistent when it comes to potency. Her nugs are a smoker’s dream come true with a dense and hard structure, boasting a deep green tone, thin orange pistils, and amber trichomes that take on a black hue in certain lighting. Savory, sweet, and spicy all come together in Dark Matter with flavors and aromas that include cherries, herbs, flowers, wood, and spice. Most find this strain to be very well-rounded and often have to refrain from overdoing it because she’s just that delicious.

Those who are looking for a strain to help them focus or be productive won’t find anything like that here, as Dark Matter has been described as sedative and Stoney. Most who try this gal say that their high begins with a feeling of euphoria that buzzes through your brain, helping you to feel relaxed and tingly from head to toe. This joy can often shift into a feeling of true peace and could leave you on cloud nine for several hours. Those who have a lower tolerance might fall asleep if they aren’t careful, so make sure to grab a pillow and blanket beforehand.

Like many other hybrid strains, Dark Matter has a reputation for being quite helpful in the treatment of medical issues. Individuals who just can’t shake the negative thinking that comes along with depression and anxiety may find some relief here as positivity can be plentiful. Physical pain including migraines, cramps, or even muscle aches is often soothed as well. While Dark Matter isn’t necessarily intended to be used as a sleep aid, some do find that if they smoke enough of her, they will be able to achieve a good night of sleep.

Kingdom Organic Seeds loves to share and makes seeds of Dark Matter available for sale directly on their website. They state that this strain will thrive both inside and outdoors, and if you choose to cultivate her indoors, you’ll know exactly what kind of photoperiods to use to achieve maximum results. Plants will be ready after 10 weeks inside or the first half of October if you grow outdoors, and either option you choose should yield a very large harvest. Kingdom Organic Seeds highly recommends Dark Matter for newer cultivators.

If you’re after a strain that offers the best of everything, Dark Matter is your gal. Her flavor's and aromas are complex and enjoyable and her effects are said to be perfect for a lazy afternoon or evening relaxation session. Even if you don’t feel very social during your high, Dark Matter is a great bud to share with friends.

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