Infused Butter(224g)


224g(half pound) of infused butter

2800mg of total THC



Half a pound of Cannabis infused whole butter. Using over an ounce of bud, and a good dose of kief, we infuse a full pound of whole real butter overnight in a slow cooker. Then the butter is strained from the cannabis, leaving only the THC. The Total THC is 5600mg/pound, ready to use for cooking, baking or filling gelatin capsules by melting and then storing in the fridge after filling.

Baked goods can be made from scratch, or using kits that use the infused butter for any directions calling for adding oil to the recipe. Divide the amount of used butter from the total THC of the pound to get the amount contained in the final product. For instance 1/3 of a pound would be 1867mg(5600/3) of total THC in the final product. If you get 12 brownies from the batch it would be 1867mg divided by 12. Making it 156mg of THC per brownie.


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