After 8 OG

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Indica dominant

  • Some of the batches contain a fair amount of seeds.!
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Some of the batches have been discovered to contain large amounts of seeds. We have no way to know which batch contains seeds from the outside appearance. Apologies to people who got a seedy batch.


This hybrid is an 80% indica and 20% sativa strain. Sumo's OG Kush and Purple Urkle come together to create After 8 OG, colliding with potent force. This strain develops super-high THC levels, inducing super-powerful highs. The strain's name obviously hints at a certain famous chocolate brand.

After consuming this indica-heavy variety, one may sense a very heavy and narcotic high. The flavors and aromas are chocolatey, minty, and earthy. After 8 OG is the perfect strain for relaxing and taking it easy after a long day.

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7g, 14g, 28g

1 review for After 8 OG

  1. Kyle Adair

    The bud structure on this was nice, dense trichome covered buds, overall a nice bag appeal.

    The smoke on this was disappointing, there were many many seeds throughout my batch which may have contributed to the muted taste and high on this. I found I went through this oz far quicker than I usually do as I had to smoke a little more to get as high as I usually do.

    Overall this isn’t my favourite strain I’ve had, but it’s not bad. Sometimes shit happens – I’m glad to see QT acknowledging the seed issue, and giving transparency to customers so they can make an informed buy.

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